AWARE Coral Reef Learn about the plight of the worlds coral reefs, how they function and why they are so important. Textbook required.


AWARE Fish ID Learn to identify fish and then group or classify them by site. Use for personal pleasure or for education. Help identify new species. 2 open water dives.


Multilevel/Computer Diver Want to have longer, safer bottom times? Learn to use the wheel and dive computers to safely plan and execute

multilevel dive profiles. Wheel required (OWD) 2 open water dives


Equipment Specialist - Whether you own your own equipment or are thinking about purchasing your life support equipment, this course is designed to offer valuable information about the ownership of  SCUBA Diving Equipment.  This is a great winter specialty that can apply towards Master Scuba Diver Rating.   Call today for more information

Enriched Air Diver  - Become an Enriched Air Diver, during this course you will learn the procedures, safety protocols, hazards, risks benefits and theory of no decompression diving with oxygen enriched air containing 22 percent to 40 percent oxygen.  This course requires a classroom session.  No dives are required. Academic Materials expenses apply.  Call today for more information.  Pre-requisite:  Open Water Diver & 15 years old.


Drift Diver This is a safe and supervised introduction to drift diving in the underwater environment. (OWD) 2 open water dives.


Deep Diver Familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of diving from depths of 60 ft - 130 ft. (AOW/AD) 4 open water dives.


Dry Suit Diver - Extend your diving season!  Become a dry suit diver using your dry suit.  This course has a required classroom/pool session and 2 open water training dives. THINK DRY! Academic materials, equipment and dry suit rental extra.


Night Diver Make night diving more fun and enjoyable. This course introduces you to the night world and the best way to dive in

it. Primary and Backup lights required; Academic materials suggested (OWD) 3 open water dives.


Peak Performance Buoyancy Need better air consumption? Unhappy with your profile in the water? Want to become an under-water photographer? Any or all of these are reasons for this specialty. Academic materials suggested (OWD) 2 open water dives

Underwater Digital Photographer -  &/or Underwater Videography Capture the memories forever. These courses will introduce

you to the why, what, when, where and hows of underwater imaging. (OWD) Academic Materials required. Classroom, Pool and 3 Open water dives.


Underwater Naturalist - Learn to view the underwater world in a new way. You will be able to identify relationships and our role in the underwater environment. Non divers can participate without diving. 2 open water dives.


Search & Recovery Diver Ever lost something underwater? This course will teach you all the skills, search patterns, procedures

required for you to plan and execute a recovery dive. Academic Materials suggested (AOW) 4 open water dives


Underwater Navigator Tired of surfacing to find the boat? This is the best specialty you can take for your money. Let us teach

you the tips and tricks. Academic Materials suggested (OWD) 3 open water dives.


DPV - Diver Propulsion Vehicle - Explore the underwater world using a underwater DPV.  2 open water dives. Wreck Diver Explore the secrets of our wrecks. As artificial living reefs they require skill and training to explore safely. Academic Materials suggested. (AOW) 4 open water dives.


  River Diver Ever wonder what is on the bottom of the local rivers, come out and learn the proper techniques of diving in low and high flow of rivers and the tools need to make a safe river dive


Full Face Mask Diver Make diving more fun and enjoyable. This course introduces you to the world of full face mask and communication underwater. Primary(full face mask) and Backup mask required; Academic materials suggested (OWD) 2 open water dives.


Public Safety Diver Learn to do diving for rescue and recovery, whether you are a law enforcement or fire fighting this course will train you to do perform as a professional in public safety diving Self Reliant Diver Learn to dive as a diver with a group but with out a buddy, such as photographer, videographer, and/or dive guide. Learn techniques to keep your self safe and have the back up equipment to make your self a self reliant diver!